Ear-Say is a personal broadcast & listen location based radio app-- leave behind drops of sound tied to the place you're at, and the next person that visits the same place can hear what you said.

 Browse-- Browse everything, and sort by location. Tap the browse icon to scroll through a list of all recorded audio. Tap an ear to hear a recording; tap an address to filter the list by that location.
 Record-- Tap the mouth icon to go to record mode. You can anonymously record up to 15 seconds of sound linked to your current location.
 Listen-- Tap the globe & satellite icon to enter location based listening mode. Whenever you travel to a location where you or someone else left behind a recording that sound will automatically play.

Listening mode works in the background too-- even when the app's in the background if it's in listening mode recordings found at your current location will automatically play.

 On the Web --The 100 most recently recorded sounds can be seen on a Google map.

Zoom into the map or click on a cluster to reveal locations (indicated by the ear icons) where sounds were recorded. Click an ear icon to hear the sound recorded at that location.

Video Preview